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Shop the 2018-2019 line of Lib Tech Surfboards. We offer a variety of styles for every type of surfer, from shortboards to longboards to wake surfs Lib Tech makes the world's best snowboards, skis, surfboards, wakesurf boards and skateboards right here in the USA with a focus on producing innovative equipment in an environmentally friendly way

Lib Tech Surfboard: Company and History. Lib Tech is not only famous for selling the best surfboards in town. It also offers snowboards, which were their products way back. Everything began when Mike Olson invented the first one in 1977. After dropping out of college in 1984, he started creating more as his full-time task Lib Tech's ECO-ISO construction involves some 30 pieces. To keep it simple we will focus on the basic components of a standard surfboard build: The foam, or core, glass and resin as they pertain to the ECO ISO build Lib Tech Surfboards are not cheap, but they promise to be dang difficult to ding! Is this the travel board we were all looking for? Do Lib Tech Surfboards work? Yes, once you get used to it. Are they stronger than a standard PU board? In theory, Yes We love surfing and surfboards but traditional surf construction is delicate and the build process is toxic and unhealthy we knew there had to be a better way. 12 years ago, Mike Olson set out to make a stronger, LIB TECH SUB BUGGY. LIB TECH SHORT ROUND. LIB TECH PUDDLE JUMPER Lib Tech is dedicated to board riding and hands on high tech board building. We have spent a lifetime of surfing, shaping and working with alternative, high performance, environmentally friendly materials and constructions. In the process we completely rewrote the book on surfboard construction

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Hear what a few of the proprietary components are that make the super durable, responsive and environmentally (and Human) friendly boards. Some day most surf.. Lib Tech Surfboards are a board designed by Biolos and Andino pushing performance through a shape inspired by the classic RNF Surfing Surfboards Lib Tech Surfboards. Filters Brand Lost Condition New Fin Setup Tri/Quad Fin System FCS FCS II Futures Length 5'6-6'0 6'0-6'6 5'6 Style Groveler Shortboard surfboards regular Volume 25L-30L 30L-35L.

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Lib Tech is a true Northwest brand and before their surfboard line launched they got their start making snowboards for some of the best pro's of the last 30 years. Lib Tech has always been owned, operated and staffed by surfers, and founder Mike Olsen actually even used to work here at Cleanline Surf back in the day. We've been proud to carry Lib Tech's environmentally friendly and. The Lost x Lib Tech Short Round Surfboard bridges the gap between easy ridin cheater boards and the HP Shortboard. There's a lot packed into this little board

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  1. LibTech Surfboards TECHNOLOGICALLY TOUGHER - environMENTALLY NICER! We will change everything you know about surfboards. Each of the 31 pieces used to construct our surfboards are new materials to the surf industry
  2. Catalyst Surf Shop has one of the largest selections of Lib Tech Surfboards available for in store pickup or shipping to your door. Default Store View Welcome to Catalyst! Got questions? Call 1-855-429-9570, email info@catalystshop.com, or see our locations page for.
  3. The Lib Tech Lost Kolohe Andino Swordfish Surfboard combines the wave catching and speed of a fish with the high performance desires the world's best surfers
  4. Historically speaking, Lib-Tech's still relatively fresh in the surfboard game—though they're far from newbies. The brand announced their surfboard line in 2012, and they linked up with legendary shaper Matt Biolos of Mayhem fame in 2015 for a noteworthy line of Lost X Lib collaborations that's still going full gas today
  5. Mike Olson, Lib-Tech Co-Founder: We have been eco conscious since day one, even before we were officially a business. This was really a reaction to how toxic and dangerous standard surfboard building processes are, with polyurethane foam, polyester resins, solvents, and massive sanding dust

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  1. The Lib Tech Air E Ola Surfboard was born to fly. A high-performance shortboard built for the aggressive and progressive surfer. Featuring classic Lib Tech MBC construction, extending the life of this surfboard for years to come. Take the Air E Ola Surfboard out for a rip for fast, precise surfing in all conditions
  2. Lib Tech Surf Lost Surfbrädor.är handtillverkade i USA nära Kanada. Lib tycker mycket om av att bygga bräorna, du kommer att älska att åka på dom! +46(0)704-730120 info@ohana.se It's always summer on the insid
  3. Lib Tech surfboards are of course the king of durability but the boards are now much more than just that The Puddle Jumper is a supreme groveler, the Short Round a proven favourite. The Puddle Fish absolutely flies in this construction and was the best-selling model in the range towards the end of last year
  4. Hailing from the USA, Lib Tech are a revolution in themselves. The trailblazing technology is now finding it's way into surfboard whereas before was only available in snowboards
  5. Aptly named, the Lib Tech Pickup Stick Surfboard is the plank you'll find yourself reaching for more often than not as you head out the door. Built to fill the gap between shortboard and longboard, this mid size shape works in all conditions and catches waves like nobody's business
  6. LIB TECH/LOST SURFBOARDS. Designed for unadulterated lateral speed in small surf, the PuddleFish is an extreme little speed machine. A fast fishy spin on the very popular Puddle Jumper. Distinctly shaped with an inverted swallow, set inside a wide square tail, and a speed bleeding, afterburner, release channel exiting the tail
  7. The Lib Tech Vert Surfboard can handle anything from small to medium-sized waves. With a high-performance nose you can expect steep drop-ins and tasty barrels, while a lower rocker and straight rail line make for a zippy down the line experience. Product Details. Construction

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It is definitely not the case for Lost and Lib Tech, who worked together to take their surfboards to another level. After dozens of years of development in the ski and snowboard world, Lib Tech came up with a fabrication process that produces ultra-resistant, light, and eco-friendly boards - they use up to 40% recyclable foam LIB TECH. Northwest grown, Lib Tech entered the surf game relatively late. They did however come at it with a fresh attitude, and a unique perspective. After launching their Waterboards into the market, Lib Tech has built a cult-like following, and Lib continues to push the envelope of progression Lib Tech Surfboards. You are here. Home » Forum » General Discussion. 33 posts / 0 new . Last post. Fri, 2012-01-27 17:46 #1. foamtheory. Last seen: 2 years 3 months ago . Joined: 11/04/200 Surfboards.com - Also known as Surfboards Etc. Find great deals on surfboards and surfboard gear. From surfboard fins, surfboard bags, to racks for surfboards, we have a huge selection of surfboard gear, equipment and apparel. And we'll back every purchase with our Lowest Price PLUS Guarantee and 110% Return Policy Lib Tech Surfboards, Snowboards & Skis. Crafted to perfection in the USA, Lib Tech surfboards, snowboards, skis and accessories use highly original technology for revolutionary rides. Boasting a dramatically improved feel, their surf, ski and snowboard products are designed to face all conditions out there

Lib Tech is a collective of creative board sports dreamers who have eliminated any barriers between us and actualizing the dream. A lot more than the obvious goes into every board we build. The belief that anything is possible. The experience to know what works. The enthusiasm and determination to make it happen. Hig Discover Lib Tech Surfboards at Blue Tomato. Your online shop since 1988 ♥ Best selection Fast Delivery Safe shoppin


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Lib Tech x Lost Short Round 5 Fin Surfboard - White. NZ $1295.36. Loading Live Stock... Lib Tech Lib Tech x Lost Puddle Jumper 5 Fin Surfboard - Clear. NZ $1295.36. Loading Live Stock... new. Lib Tech Lib Tech Trs Snowboard - Multicolour. NZ $1034.51. Loading Live Stock... new. Lib Tech The Lib Tech construction is well suited to this board, using 31 brand-new components to the surf industry and calling on 30 years of experience constructing environmentally friendly surfboards, skateboards and snowboards, it was inevitable that Lib Tech were going to produce some remarkable surfboards using this ground breaking, environmentally friendly manufacturing process Lib Tech Surfboards Filters. Back Price Range 11. $500 - $750 (13) Showing 13 of 13 results Search Lib Tech + Surfboards. LIB TECH. Lost Puddle Jumper HP FC. LIB TECH. Lost K.A. Swordfish. LIB TECH. Lost Puddle Jumper. LIB TECH. Nude Bowl. LIB TECH. Lost Quiver Killer. LIB TECH. Lost Puddle Jumper HP. LIB. - Bing Surfboards - Chemistry - Kona - Lib Tech - Pyzel - Wax Surf Co. Model Fish; Accessories Filter (1) Sort. Lib Tech Pickup Stick. $919.95. Lib Tech x Lost Freak Flag Bean Bag. $899.95. Lib Tech x Lost Round Nose Fish 5'10. $899.95. Lib Tech x Lost Puddle Jumper. $899.95. Lib Tech x Lost Quiver Killer.

225.6k Followers, 616 Following, 4,751 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Lib Technologies (@libtechnologies Lost Surfboard Puddle Jumper (LIB TECH technology) 5'11 x 22 x 2.75 x 41.75 L No ding or scratch, incredibly strong board. Selling due to incorrect volume selection. $1000 when was new


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Shop a wide range of Lib Tech surfboards including funboards, shortboards and fish surfboards with free delivery* at Surfdome Die Surfboards von Lib Tech sind nicht nur in Sachen Shape High-Performance-orientiert, sondern zeichnen sich auch durch die besonders umweltreundliche, leichte und robuste Bauweise aus, die den Boards den einzigartigen Lib Tech Look gibt Lib Technologies is an American snowboard manufacturer known for its radically innovative approach to snowboard design. Often referred to as Lib Tech, the company falls under the umbrella of parent company Mervin Manufacturing.Surf company Quiksilver bought Mervin in 1997. As of 2013, Mervin was purchased by Altamont Capital Partners. Lib Tech produces snowboards, skateboards and now surf.

Lib Tech x Lost Puddle Fish 5 Fin Surfboard - Clear. CHF 675.35. Lagerbestand wird geladen sale. Lib Tech Lib Tech Wreckreate 84 Skis - Multicolour. CHF 296.38 CHF 493.98 (Speichern 40%) Lagerbestand wird geladen new. Lib Tech Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro Pointy Snowboard - Multicolour. CHF 539.35 Lib Tech Surfboards es la división de Mervin Manufacturing Group encargada de la fabricación (en Estados Unidos junto a Canadá) de tablas para mejorar tu nivel sobre las olas. Para ello emplean algunas de las tecnologías que la han hecho famosa en el snowboard, incluyendo otras marcas como Roxy o GNU LIB TECH SHORT ROUND. Description DIMS The Shortround bridges the gap between easy riding cheater surfboards and the high performance shortboard. The speed comes from a low entry rocker and wide-ish nose, with a forward wide point and generous concave throughout. The performance comes from a moderate, but not. A radical small wave design based on maximum surface area for lift, stability and unbridled speed in tiny surf. Inspired by the original double ender Bean Bag, Lib Tech's Freak Flag Bean Bag features a refined, winged outline for tighter turns, added bite and faster transitions rail to rail

Shop Lib Tech Surfboards Online Now. Puddle Jumper. This board, features a concave bottom that transitions to vee in the tail. The wide outline makes for easy wave catching and down the line glide and stability. The concave bottom adds lift and increased rail curve, which allows radical top to bottom surfing Made for ripping small to medium sized waves, the Lib Tech Bowl Surfboard has a wildly fun shape. A lower rocker and straighter rail line make for easy wave catching, while a high-performance nose allows for aggressive turns and big drop-ins. Paddle out and enjoy the feeling the Lib Tech Bowl will bring How to pave the way. - Magicseaweed.com. We use cookies to deliver a reliable and personalised Magicseaweed experience Lib Tech 5'7 Lost Hydra. Dimensions: Width: 21.25 Thickness: 2.7 Volume: 37.5 cl The Hydra is the most advanced small wave board I have ever created! It melds more than 25 years of small wave fish and mini wave hybr Get Surfboards From $559.99 At Lib Tech. Save your dollars with those hand-picked promotion and deals for lib-tech.com. Click on the Get Code or Get Deal Button to get amazing bargains. Don't miss this fantastic deal! MORE+. Expires:Sep 7, 2020 2 used. Click to Sav

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  2. Rail game, barrels, and blow rails. @elihanneman putting his quiver to the test. #LostSurfboards #Driver2.0 #Whiplash #LightSpee
  3. Lib Tech Surfboards The most environmentally friendly surfboard that not only protects the environment but also those who craft them. Leaving zero hazardous waste while also creating the strongest board on the market. Lib Tech Dream boards never disappoint
  4. The SWORD-FISH is precisely as the name implies: A furiously fast Pelagic fish, aggressive, with a wide powerful tail, and a long-pointed nose. Designed at the request of (and direction from) Kolohe Andino, as an extension of his favorite RNF-Retro
  5. Snowboards and Surfboards. Seriously masterful board-makers, Lib Tech are one of very few brands who are involved in both snow and surf. Including eco-friendly and innovative materials, they make the most durable surfboards around and some of the best snowboards, endorsed by some of the best riders such as Travis Rice
  6. LIB TECH SUB BUGGY. Description DIMS The Sub Buggy surfboard is fast and foiled for on rail surfing, but full and forgiving for sub-par and sloppy surf. Refinements during the PRIME and WT comps have led us to this surfboard that grovels well but is still a true high performance surfboard. It is.

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Lib Tech Pickup Stick Surfboard. Lib Tech Surf. March 21, 2017 · The Pickup Stick mid size shape perfectly fills the gap between a shortboard and a longboard surfboard Lib Tech Pickup Stick Surfboard. Lib Tech Surf. 7.2K views · March 21, 2017. 0:16 LOST X LIB INTRODUCES THE SUB BUGGY HIGH PERFORMANCE MODEL. Lib Tech Surf. 715 views · May 16, 2016. 0:16 Lost X Lib Introduces The Sub Buggy High Performance Model. Lib Tech Surf. 976 views · May 13, 2016

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(Near Canada, USA) - June 27, 2012, In a wave to mutilate the environmental and durability issues that have plagued traditional shaping practices and surfboards, Lib Tech, manufacturer of the world's most environMENTAL snowboards, NAS, and skateboards have announced the launch of their Waterboard line. The Waterboard is a culmination of three decades spent surfing and experimenting with. Lib Tech im Blue Tomato Shop einfach & bequem online Kaufen. Beste-Auswahl an Lib Tech Snowboards, Surfboards & Skateboards. Schnelle Lieferun Lib Tech Surfboards Length Range - 5'6-6'0 Remove filter Filters (1) Sort by Sort by 32L. Lost Quiver Killer Lib Tech ecoIMPACTO 5'10 Lost $739.99 29L. Lost Quiver Killer Lib Tech ecoIMPACTO 5'8 Lost $739.99 27L. Lost Quiver Killer Lib Tech ecoIMPACTO 5. Get Extra Percentage off with lib-tech.com Coupon Codes November 2020. Check out all the latest Lib Tech Coupons and Apply them for instantly Savings

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  1. lib tech surfboard 6'8'' Vert series. Condition is Used. Local pickup only. There is a ding on the bottom however it should not affect performance
  2. ösesten Domesticated Modell. Durch die extreme Breite und Dicke muss es sehr kurz gesurft werden, um noch wendig zu sein
  3. As anything, this is simply another tool to make things easier when choosing a surfboard. Its not a means to an end, and nothing is set in stone. Ultimately, the surfer needs to use what feels best for himself. Mayhem and Lost Surfboard riders' GF% Kolohe Andino: 165lbs / 26.6cl - .35gf Taj Burrow: 152lbs / 24.25cl - .35g

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  1. Lib Tech x Lost Puddle Fish 5 fin Surfboard - White. MYR 3064.80. Loading Live Stock... Lib Tech Lib Tech X Lost Freak Flag Bean Bag 5 Fin Surfboard - White. MYR 3064.80. Loading Live Stock... Lib Tech Lib Tech x Lost K.A. Swordfish 5 fin Surfboard - White. MYR 3064.80. Loading Live Stock..
  2. Lib Tech x Lost Puddle Fish 5 fin Surfboard - White. PHP 36319.45. Loading Live Stock... Lib Tech Lib Tech x Lost Puddle Jumper HP 5 Fin Surfboard - White. PHP 36324.87. Loading Live Stock... Lib Tech Lib Tech x Lost Puddle Jumper 5 Fin Surfboard - White. PHP 36324.87. Loading Live Stock..
  3. Using 31 brand-new components to the surf industry and calling on 30 years of experience constructing environmentally friendly surfboards, skateboards and snowboards, it was inevitable that Lib Tech were going to produce some remarkable surfboards using this ground breaking, environmentally friendly manufacturing process
  4. Surfing Surfboards Lib Tech Surfboards Lost Hydra Lost Hydra Lib Tech ecoIMPACTO 6'1 Lost Hydra Lib Tech ecoIMPACTO 6'1 by Lost • SKU 841049088099. $749.99 6'1 x 22.5 x 2.9 Vol: 45.5L Fin System: FCS II Quantity Quantity.
  5. lib tech Pickup Stick 7.0 ,used twice like new condition comes with mr twin-stabiliser fins and fcs x large quad fins both nearly new, board bag and leash included. Pick up onl
  6. Blog — LIB TECH SURFBOARDS. SHOW SIDEBAR Surfboards EnvironMENTALLY NICER? September 01, 2016 Posted by DAVID KELLY. Started by Mike Olsen in 1977, Lib Tech a US-based snowboard company known for unmatched techniques in ultra-durable, environmentally-friendly board production
  7. Lib Tech x Lost Short Round 5 Fin Surfboard - White. SGD 1004.60. Loading Live Stock... Lib Tech Lib Tech x Lost Puddle Jumper 5 Fin Surfboard - Clear. SGD 1004.60. Loading Live Stock... new. Lib Tech Lib Tech Trs Snowboard - Multicolour. SGD 802.29. Loading Live Stock... new. Lib Tech
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Jetzt Lib Tech X Lost Quiver Killer 5'8 Surfboard bei Blue Tomato kaufen. Schnelle Lieferung 45 Tage Rückgaberecht 30 Jahre Erfahrun Lib Tech Bowl 6'0 Surfboard. Performance meets soft waves, the Lib Tech Bowl Series is a performance board targeted at softer, smaller waves. Perfect for the average day in the PNW, the Bowl will allow you to get the most out of average conditions without sacrificing performance Lib Tech is building all of these Puddle Fishes with 5 fin boxes allowing you to really experiment with the fin set up. Even better, last year, Lib Tech switched all their boards over to a new fin box system that they're calling FOC (Freedom of Choice) 2 Jetzt Lib Tech Puddle Jumper HP FC-Futures 5'8 Surfboard bei Blue Tomato kaufen. Über 30 Jahre Erfahrung Schnelle Lieferung Kauf auf Rechnun

Lib Tech Surfboards Volume - 35L-40L Remove filter Filters (1) Sort by Sort by 40.5L. Lost Quiver Killer Lib Tech ecoIMPACTO 6'4 Lost $739.99 37.4L. Lost Quiver Killer Lib Tech ecoIMPACTO 6'2 Lost $739.99 39L. Lost Puddle Jumper HP Lib Tech. Surfboards. We have one of the widest and most interesting ranges of surfboards you'll find anywhere. From beginner boards to high-performance thrusters, mini mals to retro mid-lengths, fishes and funboards to single-fin longboards, we have absolutely every angle covered Lib Tech Surfboards. Lib Tech have ventured into the surf world after making their mark in the world of Skiing and Snowboarding.The leaders in innovation and technology have collaborated with Lost Surfboards and the legendary shaper Matt Biolos, to give the already amazing Lost surfboards the most advanced board technology to date.. The dream of any surfer in the world is to have a quality. LIB TECH SKATE BANANA BTX WIDE SNOWBOARD - WOOD - 2019. Regular price £439.95 Sale price £299.95 . Sal Lib Tech surfboards are handcrafted in the USA and offer durability with materials that are environmentally conscious. Shop them all at Hansen Surfboards. 55 Years of Family Free Shipping on Orders over $50 Phone: 1.800.480.475

Lib Tech Pick up Stick Der Pick up Stick ist Lib Tech's Mid-Length Shape. Mit einer sehr geraden, parallelen Rail Linie und einem flachen Rocker ist der Pick up Stick ein sehr schnelles Board, vor allem wenn es down the line gesurft wird Lib Tech 5'5 Lost Puddle Jumper Regarding all Lib Tech surfboards: please enquire with us about any of these boards as we can order upon request. Please call 01288 354956 or email us at shop@zumajay.co.uk 2018 preorders now available!! Call us in the shop on 01288 354956. Concaved, planing surface speeder, domestic bliss with a twist Lib Tech Lost Puddle Jumper Der Puddle Jumper von Lost ist Matt Biolos' neuester Streich im Rahmen seiner Domesticated Serie. Im Vergleich zu einem RV oder Couch Potato kann der Puddle Jumper noch kürzer gesurft werden

Custom surfboards handcrafted in Santa Cruz, CA by William Stretch Riedel. Buy new surfboards for sale, kiteboards, towin, wake, and SUP LIB Tech Surfboards ; Quiver Killer Libtech ; Quiver Killer Libtech . From $1,099.00. Stock Available. Custom order *NOTE THERE IS A 6 - 8 WEEK BUILD. Select surfboard size & see stock Recommended sizes ? These are the recommended sizes developed. Shop our brand new range of the latest Lib Tech snowboards now! Buy now with our no-worries 90 days returns policy and pricematch guarantee from Freeze

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Lib Tech hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, alles was du über Surfboards weißt auf den Kopf zu stellen. Jedes der insgesamt 31 Teile, die verwendet werden, um ein Lib Tech Surfboard zu bauen, sind neue Materialien, die es so bisher nicht in der Surf Industrie gab. 30 Jahre Erfahrung in der Herstellung, der Verwendung und Konstruktion von High Performance orientierte, umweltfreundliche. Designed by LIB's in house shaper Jeff Hendo Henderson. The Nude Bowl is a streamlined version of our original speedy Bowl Series with a little extra volume in all the right places. A perfect daily driver for aggressive modern surfing that inject Lib Tech Lost Hydra Das Hydra ist die neueste Fortsetzung der Lost Surfboards' Small Wave Board Serie und steht in der Tradition Matt Biolos' Erfolgsmodelle wie dem Bottom Feeder, Uber Plank, Puddle Jumper, Round Nose Fish Retro, etc Jetzt Lib Tech X Lost Short Round 5'6 Surfboard bei Blue Tomato kaufen. Über 30 Jahre Erfahrung Schnelle Lieferung Kauf auf Rechnun Das Lib Tech x Lost Rocket Redux Surfboard ist das Revival von Matt Biolos Rocket, einem der meist gefeierten Hybrid Shortboards, in der robutsten Lib Tech Bauweise

Lib Tech Surfboards Volume - 30L-35L Remove filter Filters (1) Sort by Sort by 34.5L. Lost Quiver Killer Lib Tech ecoIMPACTO 6'0 Lost $739.99 32L. Lost Quiver Killer Lib Tech ecoIMPACTO 5'10 Lost $739.99 33L. Lost Puddle Jumper HP Lib Tech. Lib Tech has been making surfboards for a few years now. While the construction is groundbreaking, the shapes needed a bit of work to catch up to the build technology. With the collaboration of Matt Mayhem Biolos of. The Puddle Fish is a Lib Tech collaboration with Lost surfboards. Seeing it's a fish, you will notice a few standard features, a swallow tail, stacks of volume and wide nose that all provide you with the most important characteristic, speed. This board allows you to ride small waves with speed and aggression to attack the rails Lib Tech. Surfboards, skateboards and skis are handcrafted in the USA near Canada. We enjoy making them, you will LOVE riding them. Never miss Lib-tech.com updates: Start reading the news feed of Lib Tech right away! This site's feed is stale or rarely updated.

週末はLib Tech SURFBOARDS (リブテックサーフボード)の試乗会へ 小ぶりですが試乗には十分ポテンシャルのある波でした。 Lib Tech の最大の特徴は丈夫さです。車にひかれても平気な映像もあるぐらいです。乗り味は堅めですが反発もあるのでターンをワンテンポ早く するとタイミングが合いターン. Surfboards In Stock and Ready to Ship at Surfboards.com. All Criteria: Surfboards limit=4

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